Mission Digital Women

Mission Digital Women, an initiative by Access Assist, is a dynamic and user-friendly skilling platform designed to empower marginalized women and women enterprises. With a focus on shaping individualised and customized learning journeys, driving action towards access to finance and livelihood, initiating collaboration, and measuring impact in terms of improved income and well-being, MDW provides a lifeline for lifelong learning.  MDW aims to bridge skill gaps, enhance employability, and promote a culture of continuous upskilling, profoundly impacting both individuals and organizations.

Leveraging Digital Solutions for Economic Growth and Farmer Prosperity

ASSIST in partnership with Government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) through Department of Horticulture & Food Processing aims to advance digital agriculture – adoption and infrastructure, throughout the state. The agriculture sector in UP plays a pivotal role in the state's economy, contributing 25% to its GDP.

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